The New Axion Advantage from Haws Corporation!

Haws Corporation has launched a medically
superior eyewash and shower system kit to modify outdated Haws and ineffective
competitive units thereby improving their functionality with the advanced AXION
MSR technology. AXION Advantage<>
gives safety decision-makers the ability to enhance their existing emergency
equipment to the best-in-class while continuing existing ANSI compliance*.

The innovative Advantage system includes multiple fitting options to transform
existing eyewash and combination eyewash and shower units to AXION MSR, as well
as supplemental information to aid with ANSI Z358.1-2009 Standard compliance.
These unique systems convert 80% of emergency eyewash and shower products
manufactured by Acorn®, Bradley®, Encon®, Guardian®, and Speakman® to the only
medically consistent solution – AXION.

Haws is featuring this new product as well as other innovative offerings at the
National Safety Council, Booth #3317, September 30 – October 2 in Chicago, IL.

For more information, visit<>.


revolutionary inverted water flow design sweeps contaminants away from the
interior of the eye and the vulnerable nasal cavity, making it the only
eye/face system that is consistent with standard medical protocols and natural
function of the human eye.