Sloan Offers Commercial Restroom Products with EPDs, HPDs and Declare Labels

Sloan, the global leader in commercial plumbing systems, today has published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Health Product Declaration (HPD) and Declare® label for many of their most popular commercial restroom products. The independent, third-party verifications help architects, designers and engineers more easily meet sustainability goals.


“As the envelope for green design is pushing further, leading designers demand EPD, HPD and Declare labels as the standard for specified products,” said Patrick Boyle, director of corporate sustainability at Sloan. “Our goal is to provide our customers with complete transparency starting with some of our top-selling products to assist them in making more informed design decisions.”


Sloan worked with highly regarded third-party organizations to publish a full disclosure of material toxins and environmental impacts. Commercial restroom products with EPD, HPD and Declare labels are eligible for LEED® v4 points, specifically MR credit for Building Product Disclosure and Optimization for Material Ingredients, as well as International Living Future’s Living Building Challenge Petals.


“For more than 110 years, Sloan has shown its commitment to sustainability with innovative, water-saving products,” added Boyle. “EPD, HPD and Declare labels align with our goals of minimizing the footprint of water and creating a healthier environment for occupants. This is the next evolution in sustainable design because the standards recognize the entire product life cycle.”


Sloan plans to expand their offering of EPD, HPD and Declare label products as part of ongoing commitment to meet the highest level of environmental sustainability and performance standards. This is in addition to the LEED v4 points available through the water and energy savings that Sloan fixtures offer.


Full reports are available on the Sloan website.


The following Sloan products currently hold EPDs, HPDs, and Declare labels:




Declare Labels