Sloan Mobile Handwashing Stations Bring Handwashing Outside the Restroom

As we enter 2021, hand hygiene continues to be a key consideration for restroom specification—and it’s a trend that’s likely to continue.

In fact, the demand for handwashing in commercial venues is so great that facilities are now adding handwashing outlets outside the restroom space as they prepare for guests to return to their facilities.

Sloan’s new Mobile Handwashing Stations deliver a convenient option for guests to practice proper hygiene on the go. Now being used by universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, meal delivery services, and other businesses, Mobile Handwashing Stations are taking handwashing beyond the restroom.

These touch-free stations can be placed anywhere inside or outside the building where hand hygiene is essential. All five models include a sensor-operated enMotion® paper towel dispenser and a Purell® wall-mounted foam soap dispenser.

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