Haws Launches eyePOD!

Haws Corporation® is pleased to announce the official product release of the ground-breaking AXIONTM eyePODTM.  The eyePODTM is a faucet-mounted eyewash that provides commercial, professional and residential locations with compact eyewash capabilities. The eyePODTM is the newest addition to the AXION™ line of products and is the first and only faucet-mounted eyewash that offers the exclusive, award-winning AXION™ inverted water flow pattern that is consistent with medical protocols. The elegant eyePOD’sTM sleek, stainless steel exterior presents eyewash irrigation capabilities in an attractive, low-cost, efficient package. In addition, the eyePODTM has been designed to withstand a lifetime of use with over 10,000 laboratory testing activations and is certified to NSF61 and ANSI/ISEA Z358.1—2009. The unit offers normal faucet function when installed with the logo facing up and is activated as an eyewash by rotating the front of the unit one-half turn.  Water is discharged from the twin AXION™ eyePOD™ eyewash nozzles for a soothing irrigation experience.  The eyePOD™ also has a built-in thermostatic safety valve as an added safety precaution. The thermostat will automatically shut off eyewash flows at 100oF (37oC), diverting all water out through the built-in aerator at the bottom of the unit until the water temperature falls to an acceptable degree.  The AXION™ eyePOD™ is a convenient, medically superior way to remove eye contaminants. For more information visit www.AxionEyePod.com.