Dual Flush Side Mount – New Water Efficiency Products From Sloan!

Royal-111-DFSMSloan introduces the Dual-Flush Side Mount, a battery-powered retrofit
flushometer product that allows commercial facilities to quickly and easily upgrade to water efficient, dual-flush operation.  adaptive infrared sensor that automatically initiates a reduced, 1.1 gpf flush when the restroom user is in range for less than 60 seconds. If users prefer to flush manually, they can choose the appropriate flush cycle by pushing one of two buttons: the larger, black button for a standard 1.6 gpf flush cycle or the small, green button for removing liquid waste with the 1.1 gpf cycle, which offers a 31% water savings.
In addition, Sloan is offering a companion Single-Flush Side Mount retrofit product. Suitable for both water closets and urinals, the Single-Flush Side Mount will automatically deliver the amount of water per flush determined by the existing diaphragm kit.
The Dual-Flush and Single-Flush Side Mount retrofit products install in minutes onto existing manual flush valves. Indicator lights show when user is in range or if batteries are low. The black manual flush button on all models also provides a non-hold open True Mechanical Override function, which enables flushing even when the batteries need to be replaced.  Both units are also available as complete flushometers, paired with various Royal ® Sloan ® and Regal ® models.
These products are new additions to Sloan’s retrofit and flushometer product line-ups. See the complete lines under Sensor-Activated Flushometers in the Our Products section of the Sloan website at: http://www.sloanvalve.com/Our_Products/Sensor_Operated_Flushometers.aspx.