3 ways tankless heaters will change how you use water

Are you the adventurous type? A person willing to try new things when opportunities present themselves?

With a tankless hot water system installed in your home, you can do so much more with your water than you ever thought possible. Don’t let the tank hold you back – check out all the things a tankless water heater once you make the switch.

Drink and cook with hot water from the tap
While many people believe the dangers of drinking hot water are merely myths, there’s actually a lot of evidence to support the validity of these claims. In fact, The New York Times wrote a short piece on the subject.

When hot water runs through your pipes, it corrodes the metal and could become unsafe to drink. Even homes with “lead-free” plumbing aren’t safe, as they might still contain trace amounts of lead according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Cold water, on the other hand, doesn’t corrode pipes nearly as much, though it’s still a good idea to occasionally flush out any stagnant water sitting in the pipes for long periods of time, like after returning from an extended vacation.

Because a point-of-use tankless system heats cold water at the tap, you can finally put your hot water to use in the kitchen safely. Brew a quick cup of tea without turning the kettle on, or fill a pot with hot water to shorten cooking time when boiling pasta.


Finally take that environmentally sustainable shower you’ve dreamed of
Come wintertime, nothing wakes you up like a hot shower first thing in the morning. But while soaking under a stream of steaming water, how many times have you lost track of time and woke from your reverie 20 minutes later? It happens to everybody, but it can’t happen too often – the environment can’t take it.

In the U.S., we consume more than 1 trillion gallons of water for showering daily, so says the EPA. Hence, cutting your shower time is the eco-friendly thing to do.

Yet even if you manage to reduce how much time you spend in the shower, you could still waste more than two gallons of water and who knows how much energy for every minute you wait for you hot water tank to heat up and send hot water to your showerhead. Point-of-use tankless heaters, however, deliver hot water immediately so there’s no wait and no guilt that your water use hurts Mother Nature.


Find the perfect temperature right away
Does this sound familiar? You’re about to wash a sink full of dishes. You turn on the tap and it’s freezing cold. You turn the hot water knob and wait for the water to heat up. Not only does that take forever, but now the water’s too hot. This song and dance continues until you finally land on an acceptable temperature. Great, but how much water and energy did you waste to get there?

Electrical tankless water heaters for your home offer advanced temperature adjustment technology to give you the exact temperature you’re looking for as soon as the faucets starts flowing. Dials on the systems can easily moderate between temperatures of 80 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. At the turn of the dial, you’re ready to tackle chores safely and efficiently.

Are you shackled to your traditional tanked water heater? You don’t have to be. Free yourself with a tankless system today.