NBA Courtside Restaurant – Case Study

NBA Courtside Restaurant
Located in the heart of Toronto, the first-ever NBA Courtside Restaurant is a 10,000-square-foot sports-inspired dining experience that celebrates the NBA through custom art and décor.
Featuring a globally inspired food and beverage menu, the restaurant, which opened in April 2023, also includes a retail space and two patios along the waterfront. Todd Sherman, President of Urban Dining Group, understands the importance of installing and maintaining cutting-edge restroom fixtures in a state-of-the-art venue like the NBA Courtside Restaurant. Sloan proved to be the perfect fit for the restaurant’s needs, as its innovative sinks, faucets, and flushometers are helping to meet sustainability goals while maintaining a sleek appearance and lessening the burden on the maintenance staff.

MARKET: Hospitality
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

Superior Sustainability
“If you’re going to open a high-profile, well-designed restaurant, there is no option other than touch-free,” Sherman said. That’s why the NBA Courtside Restaurant chose hands-free Sloan EBF-415 Optima® Faucets with ultra-low flow rates on the Designer Series™ DSWD-83000 Weir Deck Sink to conserve water, as well as Royal® 152 and 195 ESS Flushometers for water closets and urinals. Both products feature industry-leading, water-saving technology that will benefit the restaurant now and in the future.

All-Star Aesthetics
In addition to sustainability, another key factor in specification for the restaurant was aesthetics. “The physical design, look, and performance of the Sloan products is best in market,” Sherman said. As the most visible functional element in the restroom, Sloan DSOF-83000 Designer Series Sinks are eye-catching components to the restaurant’s next-generation look and feel. The sinks also pair perfectly with the Sloan faucets and flushometers from a visual standpoint.

Slam Dunk for Maintenance
Sloan’s touch-free faucets and flushometers in the NBA Courtside Restaurant are game-changers in more ways than one. The restaurant’s maintenance team can use the Sloan Connect App® to adjust and configure the Bluetooth-connected products from their smartphones — from keeping track of battery strength and water usage metrics to customizing usage and activation settings, and everything in between. Sherman added that the ease of installation was another important selling point for the restaurant as well.