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Experience the Elkay ezH20 Liv – Ideal for Residential and Commercial Applications!

Elkay takes water delivery to a new level with ezH2O Liv, a filtered water dispenser designed to seamlessly fit any space. With two versions — one for the home and one for commercial spaces — it’s a sleek, convenient addition to any room. ezH2O Liv goes beyond water delivery, offering …

On Demand, Endless Hot Water Solutions from Eemax!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, frequent and thorough handwashing is critical to prevent the spread of the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after visiting a public place or after blowing your nose, coughing, …

Sloan Leads The Way In Sustainable Production!

Sloan is transparent about how their products are made through their entire life cycle What are Environmental Product Declarations? An EPD is an objective, transparent report that communicates how much a product’s composition impacts the environment across its entire life cycle. EPDs provide information on a product’s carbon footprint, acidification, …

The NEW standard of managing restroom traffic!

Any facility that experiences high-traffic periods can significantly increase restroom use efficiency while maximizing social distancing with the Tooshlights system. In places where customers are pressed for time—like airports, theaters, stadiums, arenas, retail, restaurants, and office buildings—Tooshlights can help optimize stall usage to shorten lines and help visitors know where to …

Elkay Hands Free Swirlflo Fountain

Watch above video link to learn more about the new Elkay Hand Free Swirlflo drinking fountain now available!

Introducing Sloan’s New DesignSpec Tool!

Sloan has launched their new DesignSpec tool which allows users to create custom or curated restroom designs quickly and easily with any Sloan products.  Enhance your design vision while providing Sloan quality and performance to every visitor. See how our products inspire design across different projects.  

ELkay’s EZH2O LIV is the first built-in filtered water dispenser engineered for the home!

To learn more about adding this exciting built in water dispenser feature to your upcoming home renovation, please click on the link below:

Upgrading Your Washroom to Touch-free!

Upgrading to touchless, sensor operated products is not only more hygienic, it’s simple!  Sloan has multiple budget options for any commercial restroom. Commercial restrooms with manual faucet and flushometer handles can be a breeding ground for germs. Sensing technologies for hands-free activation of commercial plumbing fixtures improves the overall hygiene …

McGuire Launches New ICV Defender Integral Check Valve!

Please click on the link below to see additional details on the latest McGuire offering, an integral check valve designed specifically for high traffic and healthcare applications to protect against sediment and debris in the water and act as a defense against reverse flow and cross contamination:  

The Dangers of Stagnant Water in Hospital Plumbing Systems

Chicago Faucets continues to emphasize the need to eliminate stagnant water and reducing the spread of waterborne pathogens in hospitals.  Please click on the link below for additional details on the severity of this issue and how Chicago Faucets products like the auto-drain shower system can help combat this challenge: …