Public Restrooms don’t have to be unpleasant!

We’ve all had the experience of a filthy public restroom.  Whether it is a highway rest stop, amusement park, restaurant, recreation centre, etc.  Why do they have to be this way?  Old equipment, lack of maintenance, high traffic can all contribute to a nasty experience!

It doesn’t have to be this way – there are numerous, economical options for facility owners and managers to modernize, freshen and sanitize their restrooms.

Existing manual flushometers can be retrofitted with side mounted, sensor operated units turning them into hands free models.  This eliminates the need for a user to touch the handle and ensures that the bowl or urinal gets flushed every time.

Sloan manufactures various types of retrofit units that will work with any type of manual flush valve on the market today.

When it comes to sensor operated faucets – which also provide a higher level of hygiene and cleanliness, Sloan is the world leader.  A wide range of styles and power options are available, from battery powered to solar powered, Sloan has a faucet to fit any requirement.

Basys Faucet by Sloan

For the budget conscious, who are still looking for improved hygiene and vandal resistance, metering faucets are an excellent option.  A metering faucet works much like a sensor faucet, except that the user must push down on the top handle to activate the water.  The water will run for a set time, determined by the setting on the mechanical cartridge and the amount of water pressure present.  Chicago Faucet makes a stylish and robust metering facuet, the 3500 series pictured below:

3500 Series by Chicago Faucet

Scent is typically a large problem for public restrooms – The Healthminder line of products by Sloan offer many solutions.  From battery powered fragrance dispensers, to urinal screens there are several options to keep your restroom smelling clean and fresh.  Sloan also offers a complete line of sensor operated hand dryers and soap dispensers, which limit the amount of surfaces that a user actually needs to touch.  Less touch means less mess and less chance of germ transfer.

A few simple changes can completely alter the user experience in a public restroom which can have a major impact on the way people feel about the space overall.  This is important in terms of customer satisfaction – imagine having a great dining experience ruined by a sub standard restroom space!  Not only is the user experience critical, but hygiene and reduced germ transfer are critical to maintaining good public health.

Dobbin Sales has professional representatives in every province across Canada – visit our contact section and we can have a member of our team consult you on the best options for your space. 

A breath of Fresh Air by Sloan