Find Your Product’s Sustainability Score Before Specification

Calculate Your Product’s Sustainability Impact

Understanding the amount of water that your facility’s commercial restroom products consume plays a major role in sustainability.

In fact, water-saving products can mean the difference between a LEED-certified building that saves money with each restroom use or one that is wasting both water and money.

Yet, with so many flushes and hand washes each day, it can be a challenge to exactly measure your facility’s overall water usage—and how that affects your bottom line.

That’s why Sloan’s Sustainability Calculator provides users with a means to determine water savings based on the input of various Sloan products. The online resource tabulates a building’s water usage utilizing Sloan products compared to the LEED baseline through gallons per use and uses per day.

The end result tabulates your annual product savings based on gallons of water and dollars saved per year, baseline percentage reduction, and the amount of LEED points earned.